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About Arham Academy

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Arham Academy was founded in 1996 by Arham Sadeghi who is a physics and mathematics tutor with more than 20 years of teaching experience in Canada, the USA and other nations. He successfully completed his degree in electrical engineering in 1995. His profound enthusiasm in teaching and transferring his knowledge to others brought him to the realm of education.  

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Our Achievments

Many have joined Arham Academy over the past two decades. Many have come and have gone, but they have all left something behind. They have all had remarkable achievements. They have all excelled in different areas, both academic and non-academic, and they truely do deserve admiration. We have chosen a handful of our alumni to share their achievements while they were members of Arham Academy.

Our Goals and Values

At Arham Academy we aim to:

  • Support students with their academic goals.

  • Ensure students thoroughly comprehend and absorb the concepts.

  • Create caring and long-lasting relationships between students.

  • Inspire students to achieve their goals. 

  • Establish a strong foundation of knowledge in different subject areas.

  • Make students comfortable and confident with challenging programmes and exams.

At Arham Academy we value diligence, integrity, patience, friendship, kindness, and resiliance. 



Shakiba Farnoud, Student at University of Toronto 

I have known Mr. Sadeghi for two years. He has helped me improve my math and physics skills. I was struggling in my IB classes and with his assistance, I gained some skills in which I was never taught at school. He taught me how to solve complicated questions more sufficiently, quickly, and clearly. Without him, I wouldn’t have got accepted into my dream university and received several academic awards. I would like to appreciate him for guiding me throughout the years because without him I wouldn't be where I am now. 


Dr. Mehdi Roein-Peikar, Founder, CEO, and Inventor at BRIUS,

Ph.D. graduate from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine,


Arham is a phenomenal teacher. He is the kind of mentor that you will not forget for the rest of your life. He is so inspirational and encourages you to work harder while you have a big smile like him. His sincere care is beyond words. I could not recommend him enough.  


Yasna Abbaspour, Student at the University of British Columbia

It is clear that Arham Sadeghi genuinely cares about the learning of his students, going above and beyond to help them. He breaks down the concepts and makes sure students fully understand each one. He is very resourceful and knowledgeable—always having a much simpler and efficient method of solving a question. Mr. Sadeghi's warm personality and friendly attitude help build a lasting relationship that goes beyond just a mentor and a student. He has taught me various techniques in which I can feel at ease taking the calculus and physics courses required for my major. I couldn't be more grateful for his assistance throughout the past few years.


Sasan Ghasaei, Student at the University of British Columbia and former IB student

I joined Arham Academy in Grade 10 in 2018. Having taken math and physics courses at Arham academy, I was well prepared for the challenging IB Diploma Programme. Thankfully, I was capable of successfully completing my IB Diploma as I was awarded with remarkable grades in math, physics and chemistry higher levels. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Arham Academy and Mr. Arham Sadeghi for his devotion, patience, and goodwill.





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