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Here at Arham Academy, We believe in  knowledge and communication . We provide fantastic education programs for students from all around the world. Anything can be achieved with the right guide and proper tool. Our Team provides our students with the right knowledge and proper programs.  We are the Central Guide to Success.

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Shakiba Farnoud, Student at University of Toronto 

I have known Mr. Sadeghi for two years. he has helped improve my math and physics skills. I was struggling in my IB classes and with his assist, I gained some skills in which I was never taught at school. He taught me how to solve complicated questions more sufficiently, quickly, and clearly. Without him I wouldn’t have got accepted into my dream university and receive several academic awards. I would like to appreciate  him for guiding me throughout the years because without  him I wouldn't be where I am now. 


Dr. Mehdi Roein-Peikar, Founder, CEO, and Inventor at BRIUS,

Ph.D. graduate from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine,


Arham is a phenomenal teacher. He is the kind of mentor that you will not forget for the rest of your life. He is so inspirational and encourages you to work harder while you have a big smile like him. His sincere care is beyond words. I could not recommend him enough.  


Yasna Abbaspour, Student at UBC

It is clear that Arham Sadeghi genuinely cares about the learning of his students, going above and beyond to help them. He breaks down the concepts and makes sure students fully understand each one. He is very resourceful and knowledgeable—always having a much simpler and efficient method of solving a question. Mr. Sadeghi's warm personality and friendly attitude help build a lasting relationship that goes beyond just a mentor and a student. He has taught me various techniques in which I can feel at ease taking the calculus and physics courses required for my major. I couldn't be more grateful for his assistance throughout the past few years.